Rattan Furniture

Better Than Natural Rattan Furniture

For decades natural rattan furniture has been the most popular choice for use on porches, in sun room and on pool decks. Rattan is a very durable material and has a classic style that everyone loves. The only problem with it is that unless you are prepared to maintain it properly it ends up with mildew and will turn a dirty gray color over time that is less than pleasant to look at or you are going to have to paint it regularly.

The alternative is synthetic rattan furniture; it looks identical to natural rattan furniture that has been painted.The difference is that it needs virtually no maintenance, will not mold, mildew or turn grey over time. The synthetic resin it is made from is designed to with stand the sun's UV radiation without fading or cracking and to last for many years looking as good as it did when it was new.

You will find a great selection of synthetic rattan furniture to choose from that will spruce up the outside of your home at Babmar.