Rattan Furniture

Decorate Your Pool with Modern Rattan Furniture

When spring rolls around and it is time to roll out the new furniture around the pool, you have to keep two things in mind. First any furniture you buy has to look good around your pool or your customers are not going to want to use it. Secondly, it must be durable as commercial furniture tends to be heavily used. Modern rattan furniture might just be the answer to your needs.

This is because modern rattan furniture is not made from traditional wicker that will mildew and rot. Instead it is made from synthetic wicker that is hand woven onto aluminum frames. This means that it will stay looking like new for years and remain comfortable and appealing to your customers. Best of all this type of furniture is far less expensive than traditional wicker yet it looks every bit as good.

For a look at modern rattan furniture for your pool deck or patio, visit Babmar and browse through our online catalog.