Synthetic Rattan | Does Synthetic Rattan Look Real?

Does Synthetic Rattan Look Real?

There has been a move towards using synthetic rattan to make commercial grade outdoor furniture; the question is "does this synthetic rattan look real?" The answer to the question depends on the manufacturer of the material used and the extrusion process used. The average manufacture attempts to extrude their rattan to look as close to the real thing as possible, even though it is made from a special resin, it does closely resemble real wicker.

The one step that is taken to make synthetic rattan look as real as possible lies in the way the furniture is made. If the manufacturer molds entire sheets of synthetic rattan then it bears on a vague resemblance to the real thing. On the other hand if they use single strands and hand weave it around a frame, it can be hard to tell the difference from a distance.

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