Outdoor Wicker

Outdoor Wicker - Great Look, Excellent Durability

Nothing looks more inviting than outdoor wicker on your patio, it invites you and your guests to enjoy an evening in the warm summer air in the greatest of comfort. The problem with traditional wicker is that it never lasts very long especially where the weather is too hot or too damp and that it is expensive for a relatively short life span. Fortunately resin wick has been quickly replacing traditional wicker as the material of choice in outdoor wicker furniture.

At first the resin wicker furniture was molded, this did not provide the durability or comfort that a carefully hand woven piece of wicker furniture offers. Now Babmar is offering hand woven resin wicker with all the strength and beauty of regular wicker and the durability that resin can offer. Fade resistant and durable this outdoor wicker will hold up to most temperature and weather extremes and keep looking great.