All Weather Wicker

All Weather Wicker - How to Stop Replacing your Wicker Furniture Every Couple of Years

It can be wonderful to have the warm inviting look of wicker furniture for your deck or patio, the problem with traditional wicker is that it never lasts very long, and after a bit of time it starts to not look so inviting anymore. The problem with wicker is that it does not stand up to the elements very well, including high temperatures and humidity, so even if you take good care of your furniture unless you have all weather wicker it simply will not last more than a few years.

All weather wicker is made from a resin material, making it far more durable than traditional wicker and allowing it to stand up to extremes in hot or cold as well as being fade resistant and mildew resistant. This means your investment in furniture will last far longer than traditional wicker would and offer you many more years of enjoyment.

Babmar offers a hand woven all weather wicker that will give you the durability you need with the comfort and enjoyment you expect from your outdoor furniture.