All Weather Wicker

Why you Should Look For All Weather Wicker

If you have ever seen the results of leaving wicker out in the weather then you understand why it is so important to look for an all weather wicker in your patio furniture. Tradition wicker while resistant to weather is still a natural fiber and will being to degrade over time. Life span for wicker that has not been well cared for is rather short, as opposed to an all weather wicker that will offer you a much longer life span.

All weather wicker is made from a long lasting, fade resistant resin, this resin will last for many years without showing the wear and tear of temperature extremes and harsh weather. At Babmar we build outdoor furniture to last, with hand-woven resin wicker a metal frame and mold and mildew resistant cushions you will appreciate all the care that goes into each and every piece of furniture we sell.