All Weather Wicker

All Weather Wicker - Choosing Outdoor Furniture for your Climate

 Not all of us have the pleasure of the perfect weather for summer time fun, in fact many areas of the country find themselves cool and damp through much of the summer months. This means that when you choose outdoor furniture for your patio you must keep this in mind. Many types of furniture will not only rust but can also mold and mildew in such damp weather, making them not a good choice for your area. Perhaps this is part of what has made all weather wicker so popular, made of resin, it can resist rainy damp weather and stay looking great.

All weather wicker is not only great for damp climates but is also great for areas that get a lot of hot sunny weather as well. Resin wicker tends to resist all temperature extremes, is fade resistant and quite easy to take care of. Visit us at Babmar to browse our line of premium all weather wicker, we offer furniture that is built to be comfortable and to last.