Outdoor Wicker

Outdoor Wicker - The Many Advantages of Outdoor Wicker

If you have never had outdoor wicker before this may be the time to give it a try, but make sure that you opt for the resin wicker instead of the natural wicker. Both offer a beauty and character that no other type of outdoor furniture can, but the big difference between the two is in the durability and ease of care that synthetic wicker offers.

Natural wicker needs to be kept out of the elements as much as possible, failing to do so will mean it will not last very long, and will look old far sooner than it should especially after the amount of money you paid for it. Synthetic outdoor wicker is different, you can leave it out in the elements to a certain extent and it will keep looking just as nice as the day you bought it year after year. Visit us at Babmar to explore the many advantages of outdoor wicker.