Synthetic Rattan Does not Mold or Mildew


One of the biggest problems with natural rattan is its tendency to mold or mildew if you live in a damp climate with lots of rain. Even keeping it on the porch will not save it if the humidity is high and the area rarely dries out. That means for those that want to own rattan they have to either keep their rattan in a contained area such as a sun room, or they need to buy a synthetic rattan that does not mold or mildew.

Let's face it, rattan can be a lot of work, even if you do not live in a damp area, you need to keep it dry, clean and paint it frequently to keep it looking its best. This is as opposed to synthetic rattan that only needs to be hosed down occasionally and is resistant to temperature extremes and fading. Visit us at Babmar to learn more about synthetic rattan, we offer a full line of rattan furniture to suit your needs.