Synthetic Rattan Offers Earth Friendly Alternative

If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy a synthetic rattan or go with natural rattan you must first ask a few questions. Most people are concerned with how environmentally friendly the materials are as well as how long will they last. Natural wicker is made from a tree and is long lasting in the right conditions most rattan furniture is used outside. Because they are made of a natural fiber the damp and weather extremes will cause them to break down quickly and they will not stay looking good long. Synthetic Rattan Offers a Long Life Synthetic rattan on the other has a very long life span of 50 years or more, and during that time if made properly it will not fade easily and requires very little maintenance. You may wonder what is earth friendly about this material. Just its long life span alone make it a better alternative, you would probably buy 2 or 3 sets of natural rattan to the one set that is synthetic, and when you do decide to replace your synthetic rattan furniture it is fully recyclable.