Giving Your Clients a New Outdoor Chaise to Relax In

If your hotel or motel has an outdoor swimming pool, your customers have a right to expect you to provide them with a comfortable place where they can relax in the sun when they are not swimming in the pool. Instead of buying a cheap outdoor chaise made from solid plastic, like so many hotels are turning to, you should be looking for furniture that has a little more class, style and good looks. An Our Chaise Made from Resin Wicker What you should be looking for is an outdoor chaise that looks like real wicker furniture, yet will last longer and require little to no maintenance. The latest in outdoor wicker furniture is made from a synthetic rattan fiber that has the look and feel of real rattan, but will last for many years without rotting or falling apart. This wicker is hand woven and placed on aluminum framework that will not corrode and is fully recyclable.