Synthetic Rattan Offers Weather Proof Furniture That Lasts


 If you are tired of replacing your furniture every couple of years because it just does not last in the weather conditions that you have in your area, then it might be time to switch to good quality synthetic rattan furniture for your patio. This material is everything that natural rattan is not, not only is it just as beautiful as natural rattan but it offers a weather resistance that cannot be beat.

Synthetic Rattan Does not Mold or Mildew

 If dampness is your problem then you know that natural rattan furniture does not do well with these types of conditions. It will mold and mildew quickly if it is not kept dry, and requires frequent coats of paint to keep it sealed and away from dampness. Synthetic rattan is immune to damp weather and handles most temperature extremes well, to ensure that your furniture stays nice year after year.