Modern Patio Furniture Has Changed

When you go shopping for modern patio furniture, you are going to find that it has changed dramatically in the last few years. For decades the most popular form of patio furniture was made from real wicker. This is a very durable natural material that has been used in making furniture for centuries. It does however require a fair amount of regular maintenance to keep it looking good, without it the wicker will start to fade and eventually will mildew and rot. Modern Patio Furniture Is Made from Resin Wicker Modern patio furniture still has the same look as the original wicker; however it is made from a hand woven resin wicker that is impervious to the effects of the weather. The resin is designed to retain its color and shape after many years in the sun and rain. The only thing you should ever have to do to maintain it, is wash it off with soap and water to remove the dirt occasionally. We have an amazing selection of the latest styles of modern patio furniture for you to choose from in their online catalog.