All Weather Wicker Is New and Different

Outdoor and porch furniture has been traditionally been made from natural wicker, the big problem with this is that natural wicker must be cleaned and treated regularly if you want it to stay looking good over a long period of times. If you want your outdoor furniture to stay looking good no matter what Mother Nature throws at it, with little or no maintenance, you need to buy furniture made from all-weather wicker. All Weather Wicker Is Made From a Special Resin All weather wicker is made from a very special poly resin that will not rot, fade or crack, no matter what the weather is like. You can find this type of wicker in an amazing array of colors so that you can match your outdoor furniture to your tastes or even to the color of your house. The only maintenance this type of wicker will ever need is the occasional wash with soapy water and rinse down with a garden hose.