Add Some Outdoor Wicker Furniture to Your Pool Deck

If you are going to have a swimming pool in your back yard, you need to have some form of outdoor furniture to go with it. For many years you have had two basic choices, you could select cheap plastic furniture or step up to wicker furniture. Of course there were other alternatives in between; these are the extremes of the choices. Outdoor wicker made from natural wicker can be very beautiful as long as you have the time to take proper care of it.

The Latest Thing in Outdoor Wicker Is Synthetic Rattan

The latest style in outdoor wicker is a very carefully engineered resin wicker. In all appearances it closely resembles natural wicker, the big difference is that while it may look like real wicker, it does not take the constant maintenance that natural wicker needs to stay looking bright and beautiful. In fact the only real care this type of outdoor wicker needs is a wash down with soapy water from time to time and it will last for many years.