Rattan Furniture Has a New Look

Rattan furniture has been around for many, many years and is one of the most popular for use outdoors on patios and pool decks. The only problem with natural rattan is that it must be taken care of and maintained on a regular basis. If it is not taken care of with proper cleaning and being oiled, stained or painted, the rattan will begin to mildew and rot.

We Carry a Large Selection of Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Today there is a new type of rattan furniture that is being made from a very special synthetic resin. This resin produces a rattan that can be woven just like natural rattan. The big difference is that the synthetic version is impervious to the weather and will stay looking like new without any form of maintenance other than to wash it off with a little soap and water from time to time so that it looks nice. We carry a large selection of synthetic rattan furniture for you to use on your pool deck or patio.