Modern Outdoor Furniture Is Made from Resin Wicker

For many years the most popular form of outdoor furniture was natural wicker. While wicker might look great when it is new, unless you are prepared to spend time every year maintaining it, natural wicker will fade and start to look bad. The answer to this is the latest product, a wicker made out of a very special plastic resin. This relatively new resin is available in a wide variety of colors and is designed not to fade even in direct sun light.

We Have a Large Selection of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture made with this resin will last for many years and not show any signs of wear. If it gets dirty you can wash it down with a mixture of mild soap and water. Once you rinse it off, your furniture will look just like the day you bought it. You can't do this with natural wicker; it must be cleaned and resealed frequently to keep it looking like new. In our online catalog we have a wide selection of outdoor furniture for you to choose from in an amazing range of styles and colors.