Outdoor Shower Haven

Get rid of unwanted chemicals after a dip in the pool with Babmar’s Piscine oudoor shower. Don’t lie around coated in chlorine after your swim session. Add Babmar’s outdoor shower to your rattan patio furniture set and impress your guests with your forethought to their clean comfort after a pool party. The outdoor shower is also great for cooling off after basking in the sun all afternoon, and perfectly matches the rest of Babmar’s contemporary wicker furniture sets. This bit of luxury goes a long way in creating an atmosphere to rival a five-star resort.

In addition, if you live near the beach, the Piscine Outdoor Shower is a fantastic option to avoid tracking sand all through your house to your indoor shower. Rinse off outside first and save yourself the trouble of sweeping up all the nitty-gritty bits of beach residue. With little to no maintenance, the outdoor shower can be cleaned simply with a quick spritz of a hose. It is also designed for hot and cold climates, and has easy-to-use temperature adjustments. So don’t leave your skin sandy or chlorinated. Get Babmar’s rattan Piscine Outdoor Shower and get clean in style.