Gardening in Style

Babmar’s woven planter is a gorgeous complement to your other rattan patio furniture. If talking to your plants makes them grow vibrant and strong, you can be sure that housing them in a classy contemporary wicker planter will have them at full bloom in no time. Place several around your backyard or patio area to create a cohesive theme that adds that perfect touch of class to any green-thumbed home owner. As a complementary accent to your other patio furniture, you can plant seasonal flowers for that spring and summery look, or add bamboo for a classic and chic touch. Match your floral arrangements to the rest of your contemporary patio furniture from Babmar and watch your guests drop their jaws at the stunning atmosphere you have created in your own backyard. Babmar’s woven planter is also a great choice for planting taller greenery on condo or apartment balconies to give that touch of privacy with a luxurious feel.


Babmar’s outdoor wicker planter is an elegant option for
any new or seasoned gardener to add a touch of class.