The Benefits of High Quality Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

1. Aluminum furniture cannot rust. This is especially beneficial in areas where moisture is present, making it a premium choice among residents of coastal cities or regions with high humidity.

2. It’s extremely durable and long lasting. Because cast aluminum patio furniture is solid throughout, it’s exceptionally sturdy and designed to endure the elements. Most cast aluminum patio chairs will provide at least 15 to 20 years of use.

3. Minimal maintenance is required. More often than not, using a typical garden hose to rinse off the patio furniture will do. For more stubborn residue, a little warm water and soap will usually suffice. Besides cleaning occasionally, there is really no other upkeep.

4. Sturdy and stable. Unlike many other types of outdoor furniture, cast aluminum furniture is hard to bend or break. Because of it’s weight and rigid design, it will feel more stable than some other types of furniture.

5. Abundance of styles to choose from. From traditional to trendy, you’re sure to find a frame design that compliments your unique style and decor. Most collections will include all of the necessary pieces to complete your patio living space, including patio dining chairs, swivel rockers, patio dining tables, outdoor bar stools, double gliders and more.

6. Available in almost any color. With advancements in powder coating technology, there a virtually endless choices when it comes to color choice. In addition to various colors, many of today’s cast aluminum patio chairs are available with textured finishes for those who prefer a more “aged” look and feel.

7. Works with or without cushions. Most cast aluminum patio furniture collections are created without cushions, but adding a basic cushion can significantly improve the comfort. Adding outdoor cushionswith bright colors can also give your outdoor furniture some flair and panache.

8. It’s heavier than most. While it’s light enough to be easily moved and lifted, cast aluminum patio furniture is also heavy enough to feel firm and stable and not blow around in the wind.