What is Babmar’s “all-weather wicker”?

Babmar’s all weather wicker refers to synthetically made fibers that can withstand harsh sunlight, cold temperatures, salty ocean air, down pouring rains, heavy snow or any other weather components.

Furthermore, all-weather wicker furniture is impermeable to human use as well as natural forces. This means Babmar All Weather Wicker Fiber® can’t be stained, stretched, or torn by daily use.

 Babmar All Weather Wicker Fiber® VS Traditional Wicker:

 Babmar All Weather Wicker Fiber ® is a modern synthetic rattan consisting of polyethylene (PE) and UV proofing additives. It differs from wicker that is traditionally woven from natural abaca strands. Abaca is obtained from the leafstalks of the banana family and although inherently resistant to the natural elements, it does not compare to the performance of our synthetic rattan.

 Polyethylene, the better choice:

 Babmar chooses to comprise its outdoor furniture of polyethylene instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for a variety of reasons. One main reason is PVC emits harmful toxins during both production and decomposition which makes it extremely harmful to the environment as well as those using it. Not only is PE less toxic, but it is also recyclable making it the sustainable choice. Furthermore, PE is more durable which creates an overall longer lifespan. 

 Life-span expectancy

Although our quality synthetic all weather wicker naturally withstands weather and human use, we go the extra mile to ensure your furniture lasts as long as possible.

How? We wrap our non-corrosive, aluminum-framed furniture with Babmar All Weather Wicker Fiber® and then cover the high density, quick-drying foam cushions with Sunproof Fabrics®. Overall, by incorporating these key factors into the manufacturing process, Babmar has created a product that will be resistant to fading, warping, and tearing for decades of outdoor living enjoyment!