If your hotel or resort is in the market for new outdoor furniture and need to find something that will fit in with the décor without sending you way over budget then consider ordering synthetic wicker furniture, available in everything from simple chairs to a complete outdoor sectional that will accommodate several guests at a time. Synthetic wicker will fit in with almost any theme or outdoor décor and lends a touch of elegance to your outdoor patio or pool area. For many years the choices for outdoor furniture were limited to solid plastic that did not look very good or to natural wicker that could be made from rattan or bamboo. These woods were chosen for their strength, beauty and longevity, but they came at a cost. The furniture pieces became increasingly expensive; an outdoor sectional made from natural wicker could run into several thousand dollars. The prices are continuing to climb as demand outstrips availability and no end is in sight.

The natural woods used to make an outdoor sectional are also higher on the maintenance scale as the need to be cleaned regularly and dried out to prevent mold and mildew from forming. They also need to be checked for rough spots which must be sanded smooth and then oiled to keep the water out. All of this adds to your overhead costs and they will need replaced on a more regular basis to keep them looking nice. If you choose to order your outdoor sectional made from synthetic wicker you can expect several advantages over natural wood. First it is extremely easy to clean as all it takes is being washed off with a garden hose and wiped dry with a towel to keep it looking new. The weather will have absolutely no effect on it whatsoever; the materials being used are impervious to the effects of heat and cold.

The sun's ultraviolet rays will not cause the color to fade as it is molded into the plastic, unlike the paint used on natural wicker. Couple the synthetic wicker with the thick foam rubber cushions that are available for most furnishings including the outdoor sectional and your guests will be able to relax in style and comfort while you are saving a lot of money that can be put to much better uses. The synthetic wicker can be ordered in a range of styles and colors to match any décor whether it is for outside use or inside and can add a touch of class to any hotel or resort. If you are in the process of replacing the furniture in your establishment take a few moments and view the extensive collection of synthetic furniture available at Babmar. One of the first companies to manufacture synthetic wicker and create an outdoor sectional using it, they remain at the forefront in the manufacture and design of elegant wicker furniture for the hospitality industry. By purchasing synthetic wicker furniture you can give your establishment an all new look while coming in under budget, which in this day and age is no easy task.