In many area of the country the back patio or sunroom has become a virtual extension of the house with many people spending large percentages of their time relaxing and entertaining in the fresh air. One of the first pieces of furniture bought to put out on the patio is an outdoor couch. There are of course several options when it comes to buying outdoor furniture each of the comes with its own benefits and disadvantages, along with this each style has its own costs and some may not fit into a person's budget. One of the most popular forms of outdoor furniture has been wicker. Having a wicker outdoor sofa has been fashionable for the last several years.

This hardy furniture has traditionally been made from Rattan, a wood material that grows in vines in the Far East. However this material has become very expensive as the demand has outstripped the availability. This natural resource grows very quickly but cannot grow fast enough to meet demand. Natural wicker is beautiful when it is new and can with special care and attention make a beautiful outdoor sofa that will last for years. Rattan furniture however does take a fair amount of work, including annual smoothing of rough spots and oiling, to combat the effects of the sun and rain. There are other alternatives such as plastic lawn furniture which is very reasonable in cost and requires almost zero maintenance to keep it looking the same as it did when you bought it. Plastic lawn furniture such as that bought at discount warehouse stores and department stores is designed to meet the most basic needs for outdoor furniture and as such may not have much in the way of eye appeal.

A good outdoor sofa should not only be made to last a long time but it should add to the appearance of the location that it is being used in. The other alternative to buying an outdoor sofa and other pieces of outdoor furniture is to buy items that are made with synthetic wicker. This relatively new material is being created using plastic resins that are as strong as or stronger than the original Rattan wicker. Not only is it stronger than Rattan it is considerably more durable. The only real maintenance that synthetic wicker needs, is to be hosed off occasionally and wiped down with a clean towel. Synthetic wicker is woven by hand to make it look just like the Rattan wicker does, this weave also gives it the strength to stand up to many years of use on your back patio or even out by the pool.

A synthetic wicker outdoor sofa will withstand years of sun and rain without you ever having to worry about it turning moldy or any kind of rot settling in. Unlike natural Rattan the synthetic wicker comes with the color molded into the plastic to ensure that it will never fade or need painted. If you are looking for a new outdoor sofa made from synthetic wicker for your patio or deck Babmar may have just what you are looking for. One of the forerunners in synthetic wicker furniture they specialize in making outdoor furniture to suit any taste. Every piece they sell is handcrafted from the finest recyclable materials and is sure to add to your outdoor décor.