Selling a home in today's competitive real estate market can be a difficult and seemingly impossible task. Anyone with their home on the market should be ready for whatever changes they need to make to bring in the buyers, and often something as simple as patio furniture can set one home apart from another.

In a real estate market where every detail counts, it's good to think about your indoor décor and your patio furniture and how these things set the scene for a buyer. Something that invites a potential buyer out onto a deck or porch so that they can appreciate the space there will make a home seem like a better value overall. Consider some ways that something as seemingly trivial as patio furniture can make a home seem like a better value and something that is a better choice over any other house on the market.

Added Square Footage

Real estate agents, designers, and home stagers all know that decks, patios, and all outdoor spaces should be presented as added square footage for the home. When you stage an outdoor area with patio furniture this can make it seem as if it's an entirely separate room and a place for entertaining and relaxing. This makes the home seem roomier and a better value.

Most home stagers, when preparing a home for the real estate market, will suggest adding or upgrading patio furniture so that the outdoor space is staged right along with the indoor space. This also helps to welcome and invite potential buyers to this area so that they don't miss a deck or patio the home may have, and really sets the scene for them. Even just some simple patio furniture outside, such as two chairs and a small table, is often better than no furniture whatsoever.

How to Stage an Outdoor Space

When you add patio furniture to an outdoor space to prepare for a home sale, you want to make sure it's clean and inviting. Repair or replace any broken pieces, and give the furniture a good scrubbing. Consider painting older furniture or try to stretch your budget so you can replace them altogether.

Add some comfortable and colorful cushions to your patio furniture so everything looks comfortable. Make sure these are clean and in good repair as well. A few cushions on a bench or on the chairs can make everything seem as if it's ready for company or for a relaxing summer evening.

You can also dress up your patio furniture for a real estate open house by adding a few simple "props." A pitcher of lemonade and some glasses or some cans of soda in a tub of ice makes the potential buyer realize how they can entertain in this space. By adding some simple patio furniture and setting the scene this way, you may set your house apart from every other one on the market and may finally see a home sale!