Buying furniture for an outdoor space can mean adding an entirely new room onto your home; your deck or porch becomes an extension of your living or dining area. If you choose the right items, this area can be welcoming and inviting for the family and for guests, and all weather wicker is a favorite choice for many for just this reason.

Obviously there are many materials from which to choose when you are ready to outfit your patio, including metal, wood, and plastic of all sorts. When thinking of all weather wicker, you may wonder why it's a preferred material for outdoor seating areas for so many, and why it's stood the test of time. Upscale restaurants often use all weather wicker for their seating groups and arrangements and create conversation pits and lounges for their customers.

One thing to think about is that all weather wicker is typically more comfortable than metal, wood, or plastic. In some cases soft plastic will have some flexibility but not as much as wood or metal, and softer plastics that have this "give" are then prone to scratches and even tears. Typically all weather wicker is softer so it's more comfortable like this plastic but is more durable so it stands up to wear and tear better. This is also a reason why it's preferred over wood or metal, since these materials are typically very harsh and uncomfortable.

When you do choose all weather wicker for your furniture, make sure that it is for exterior use and is specifically advertised as being for all weather. This means it's treated and dried so that it doesn't absorb moisture and won't be damaged in rain or snow or other elements, and won't gather mold or mildew. This type of all weather wicker also won't rip as easily as material that is not treated and which may start to peel and crack after so much use.

It's often good to choose your all weather wicker pieces from a company that specializes in outdoor furniture so that you know you'll get the best for your money. While typically this material lasts for years, your all weather wicker furniture will be an investment and you want to know that your dollars are being wisely spent.