There's a reason why real estate agents encourage their clients to stage their patios and decks when they're selling their homes - these areas are seen as extensions of a living space and add valuable square footage to a home. You don't need to have your home on the market to understand this point, as adding some outdoor wicker furniture pieces to these areas can mean a relaxing and inviting space right outside your door.

Of course when you choose patio furniture you can opt for many different styles and materials, from metal to plastic and many other such choices. You may prefer something more affordable if you have children and pets that you know will destroy your furniture, but many opt for outdoor wicker furniture and for a variety of good reasons. Not only is it attractive and comfortable but it comes in such a wide variety that you can absolutely find something to your taste.

Metal and plastic doesn't have as much "give" as wicker does, which is why it's often very uncomfortable. With outdoor wicker, it stretches slightly with pressure so it molds better when you sit on it. This means it feels much more comfortable and you may find that you can stretch out, lean back, and get into more positions with this material than you can with metal or plastic. You can also easily paint it when needed so you can change the look of your space, something that's very difficult to do with most plastic pieces.

To find the right outdoor wicker for you, think of the space where you want to add pieces. You may be surprised when you start shopping to see the variety of pieces that are available, so you need to think of your space first and foremost. Do you want just a couple of outdoor wicker chairs and a side table? This is good for small porches and patios.

However, for larger spaces it's good to consider outdoor wicker pieces that will fit more readily. This may mean chaise lounges and loveseats, or groupings. When you start to shop you may notice pieces that work like sectionals you would purchase for your living room. You can group them together to form a seating area or a large L-shaped grouping. Because you have so much variety with outdoor wicker pieces, think of how you can fill out the space without overdoing it.

Remember to save room for outdoor wicker tables and storage chests as well. You and your guests will want a place to set your drinks and snacks while you're enjoying the beautiful weather! When planning your space make sure to leave at least a foot of room between tables and chairs, and walls or railings. This way you can easily walk around your outdoor wicker pieces.

If you keep these tips in mind when shopping for outdoor wicker pieces, you'll choose more wisely and your outdoor space will be one that everyone will enjoy.