Adding the right patio furniture to an outdoor space can give your home added square footage and make it seem as if you have an additional room of your house you can enjoy. Even if you don't live in an area that has beautiful weather year-round, you can still have many evenings and weekends on your deck or porch, by yourself or with friends, if your space is welcoming and inviting.

The right patio furniture can make your outdoor area just that, but the wrong items can be anything but relaxing and inviting. When your items are uncomfortable or rundown or just plain tacky looking, you may find yourself avoiding these areas of your home rather than relaxing in them. Even the best patio furniture, if not arranged properly, can still make your outdoor spaces less than welcoming. You need room to walk around and also need some important accessories to make your space enjoyable! Here are some important reminders when you're ready to shop for patio furniture; these will help you to choose the right items and to arrange them as best as possible for the most enjoyment of your space.

Choice of Materials

The choice of materials for your patio furniture is going to be important as you need something resistant to the weather but that is also comfortable and attractive. Metal furniture may be very durable but it's often very uncomfortable as well. It's used in diners and restaurants because it stands up to wear and tear, but diners aren't supposed to linger for hours in this type of patio furniture!

Materials like wood, wicker, rattan, and bamboo are usually more preferred for home use when it comes to patio furniture, and for restaurants and lounges where customers are meant to linger. These materials are more flexible and have some "give" to them, which means they are easier on the back and legs. You can also find many items of patio furniture in these materials, not just chairs, so you can create groupings, seating areas, and so on, just as you would when using pieces of sectionals in your living room.

Arranging Items and Accessories

Not only do you need the right patio furniture for a welcoming space, but you also need to arrange it properly and with the right accessories for a warm and inviting outdoor retreat. This means having enough tables and shaded areas for everyone's comfort. You also need enough room around your patio furniture and between it and the sides of your home to accommodate foot traffic.

Keep in mind the size of your deck or porch when choosing patio furniture; you may want those large items you see because they look nice but they may overpower the space. Or you may get items that are too small and then wonder why they're out of proportion. Choose the patio furniture that is meant for your space and start with a few pieces, adding items as you see their fit.