Opening up an outdoor area for your restaurant is a great way to add square footage and to bring in more customers. Some appreciate being able to eat outside or to relax with a beer or glass of wine during the better weather, and the right restaurant patio furniture can encourage them to linger that much longer.

It is important to choose the right restaurant patio furniture because furnishing your restaurant is not like furnishing your home. These items will go through a lot more wear and tear than anything you might have at home, and yet they still need to be comfortable and inviting in order for customers to want to spend time there. The right restaurant patio furniture will need to be durable yet comfortable and attractive, which can be a tall order!

Obviously you also want restaurant patio furniture that matches your décor, at least somewhat. A very upscale restaurant should not have cheap plastic furniture as guests will want to enjoy their outdoor dining experience as much as they would when indoors. In many cases the outdoor area is in front of the establishment, so you want it to look inviting for prospective customers. You don't want cheap restaurant patio furniture to turn off those that may be on the fence about visiting.

When you're choosing restaurant patio furniture, remember that you have options other than plastic and metal. Treated wicker is a favorite choice for many and with good reason. It's very durable and resistant to weather and wear, and to customers' wear and tear. With the right all-weather cushions, it can be very appropriate for outdoor use no matter your typical weather.

Materials like wicker and rattan are also popular options for restaurant patio furniture because they're very attractive, much more so than metal and plastic. Because there is some "give" in between the strands of material, they are softer than metal and plastic. This makes them more inviting and more comfortable overall. They can also be easily painted in any variety of colors, so your restaurant patio furniture looks inviting, feels comfortable, and can fit any type of décor you may have in your restaurant.

Another reason that you may prefer wicker or rattan for restaurant patio furniture is that you can then choose a wider variety of furniture options. Today's restaurants are often about more than just tables and chairs; chaise lounges, seating groups, and arrangements like these are very popular but difficult to offer with metal and plastic furniture.

When you're ready to choose some restaurant patio furniture it's good to think about all these options rather than simply choosing some cheap dinette set or the type of items you see in every single restaurant. To make your establishment stand out, choose items that are unique but still comfortable and attractive. These will give you more options for matching décor and for arranging your restaurant patio furniture in a way that guests will enjoy and appreciate.